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Total Cinema Solutions prides itself with the technical solutions that we have to offer our customers. Whether you are a "do it yourselfer" or a "hands-off" person we've got your back. Our staff is factory certified on your Barco, Christie or NEC projector as well as all major brands of server, audio processor and any other equipment that you may have in your booth. We're equipped for a complete installation or a simple repair or upgrade. Our goal is to work with you to ensure the maximum amount of uptime for each of your screens.

We can provide you with an on-site tech or, as is becoming more popular every day, remote support. We offer three basic options:

TechSelect™ Basic

With TechSelect™ Basic we provide your venue with a remote monitoring platform. From that device we can monitor the health of your projection system, perform most updates as necessary, provide scheduled staff training and, most importantly, gain instant access in an emergency to assess and troubleshoot your system. Many times we can either fix or find a workaround to get you instantly back on screen. If the problem turns out to be more severe, we can give the field technician an important heads up to be prepared for the problem. Unlimited telephone support is included with this package. Remote staff training can be arrranged by prior appointment.

TechSelect™ Premium

TechSelect™ Premium is the gold standard for our contractual services. Under this program, you get all of the benefits of TechSelect™ Basic and a predetermined number of on-site scheduled preventative calls (PMs) and a predetermined number of on-site emergency (EM) calls. Your labor costs are rolled into one convient and predictable monthly billing.

TechSelect™ T&M

TechSelect™ T&M is our "pay as you go" plan for "on-demand" service. Technicians are provided on a time and materials basis. Travel time and mileage is calculated from our nearest technichan to your site. On-site time is hourly with a two hour minimum and billed in quarter hour increments. Additional charges may apply if appropriate. These charges may include, but not be limited to, tolls, parking, meals, hotels, air/ferry fare, or any other out of pocket expense related to the execution of your service visit.

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